In today's fast moving marketplace, having the best products and services are only a small part of the total success formula. As you have seen time after time, a mediocre product or service becomes successful and popular seemingly overnight.

     Why? There are no secrets; Under ideal circumstances, it's good pre-market planning, solid implementation strategies and intelligently targeted mass distribution of the promotional media messages. Fundamental to the success story is a well-funded business plan.  How do you know that you have adequately covered all your bases prior to product launch?  How do you measure your launch investment in terms of return? How do you keep the momentum going?  This is the basis and foundation of IMSA as your strategic business resource.

      In business circles, it is said that it is whom you know and not what you know.  In our business, it's both. We've demonstrated both talent and experience, we're a can-do company who has done it time after time. As a full service marketing company, we are dedicated to complete integrated client support, from front to back. Get to know us and you will see why we make the difference in business success.

     For information on any of our services or for information on customized services, e-mail us at or call 760-978-4122.





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