As the Corporate Senior Executive Director and Founder, Bob has an extraordinary ability as a futurist and creative thinker, to guide companies skillfully through the perils and pitfalls of the emerging Internet Marketplace while simultaneously providing them with clear cut and decisive successful marketing strategies. With over 30 years of solid business achievement in Administration, Marketing, Sales and Finance, Bob brings to the company an intensely practical business mindset and discipline. Gifted with solid analytical skills, a strong drive and demonstrated leadership ability, he thrives on the challenging opportunities of clients who have been told by others, "it can't be done".

 Business Interests

 Fourteen years, in microcomputer online applications development field as Founder and CEO of DemoNet, Inc. Raised $12 million in private placement to launch company, with corporate management and technical staff, forged the company's products and services, developed and implemented international marketing strategies. Administrated and lead company into a multi-billion dollar market. Sold company to a multi-national group who subsequently became an acquisition property of Nextel Inc.

 Founder and CEO of Interface Age, Inc. This high tech publishing company delivered a broad spectrum of computer applications featured in its magazines, books, and software. From a minimal 5,000 dollar capitalization, built the company to 5 million dollars in annual sales. Over the ten years from its inception, developed national recognition as the preeminent high tech publishing company on the West Coast receiving coast to coast awards from business publishing associations, societies and organizations. Developed subsidiary international operations in 36 foreign countries including the UK, Austria and Germany for sales, distribution and foreign translation rights. Listed over 6,000 computer book and software titles in Europe from over 62 US publishers, such as McGraw-Hill, Prentice-Hall, John Wiley & Sons, Addison-Wesley, Matrix Publishing and Pitman Publishing.  Developed and pioneered first "online software distribution" facility serving the global computer marketplace. Developed new magazine and book insert medium for mass distribution of commercial software products internationally.


Created and directed seminars on computer technology marketing, software publishing and international corporate marketing strategies.  Has presided as guest lecturer for the high-tech publishing field at California State University Long Beach and University of California, San Diego. Invited guest speaker internationally at computer technology conferences in London and Munich.


Because of his involvement in radio broadcasting as an announcer and host early in his professional career, Bob found it a natural extension to include personal and direct appearances to promote his projects. Over the last several years, he has been an invited guest appearing throughout the United States on 86 metropolitan area radio and television stations promoting the latest in consumer and business computer product technology.

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